Dear brothers & sisters in Christ,

I greet you all in the Holy name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.  1st of October is celebrated as the international elders day.  I wish to greet all the elderly people on this special occasion.  Bible taught us to respect and honour the elders and to care for them.


Ex 20:12 says that “Honour your father and mother so that you may live longer in the land the Lord your God is given you”.  This commandment of God demands us to love the parents and honour them with reverence.  This commandment is an obligatory one that has to be followed by the children.  The younger one reciprocate their love towards their parent is at the time of aging.  In the book of genesis we see the genuine love of Joseph to his aged father.  In spite of Joseph holding great power, position and wealth he did not forget the love of his father, he had clearly comprehended that all these power and position were because of the blessing s of parent.ITimothy 5:1 Paul strongly demands that all people both men and women who are old must be loved as one’s own parent.  The parents as they grow old expect and long for the genuine love from their children.  The way we treat the elderly people will reflect to us when we grow old.  Leviticus 19:3 very clearly says each of you must respect his mother and father.


With the wrong notion we do not want to listen to what they say or try to avoid them when we talk.  The elderly people are with full of life experience.  King Solomon said in Pro.4:1,2 “Listen my sons to a father’s instruction ; pay attention and  gain understanding.  I give you sound learning, so do not forsake my teaching.  Listen and obey your father’s instruction.”  Again Pro.23:22 he said that ‘Listen to your father,who gave you life and do not despise your mother when she is old.  In genesis22: 6-12  Isaac obeyed his father even to the extent of death.  Listen and obey your parents do not curse them.  Exodus 21 :17 says that anyone who curse his father or mother must be put to death. In col 3:20 Paul says that children obey your parents in everything for this pleases the Lord.  The elderly people are not commodities just to be treated as we like.  The children have a duty to respect, listen and obey them.


In the present days many of aged are robbed of their dignity and their properties.  The young ones are depriving the aged of their wealth.  The children are instead of living and caring of their aged parents love their properties.  The aged people have no strength and muscle power to confront the young ones.  In proverb28:24 King Solomon said that “ He who robs his father and mother and says it’s not wrong he is partner to him who destroys .  In Tim 5:4 Paul says that children or grandchildren should learn  first of all to put their religion into practice by caring for their own family and so repaying their parents and grandparents for this is pleasing to God.

To care and to make them Joyful

In prov. 10:1 King Solomon says that “ A wise son brings joy to his father”. Again in 17:6 says that children’s children are a crown to the aged and parents are the pride of their children.  Also in 23:25 says that may your father and mother be glad, may she who gave birth rejoice.  It is our bounded duty and responsibility to make the elderly people to live a joyful life.

In this senior citizen’s day let us all pledge

-To love and honour our elders

-To listen and obey them

-To be kind and do good to them

-To care and make them to live joyfully.

  • Don’t despise them but honour them
  • Don’t disobey them but listen to them
  • Don’t rob them but repay them.

May God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit  guide us to live with our elderly people with the sense of joyful and peace.

Madras Diocesan Administrative Committee:

From 1st of September 2014 ourModerator Most Rev. Dr.Deivasirvatham took charge as Bishop in charge of our Diocese.  He appointed administrative committee for the ministry of our Diocese.  He appointed Rev. T. Devaputhiran as administrative secretary, Rev. Y.L. BabuRao as the convener for Pastoral concerns.  Mr.P.J. Selvakumar as the Financial Administrator.  Kindly uphold them in your prayers.  May God be with them and guide them in the governance of our Diocese.

May God Bless you

                                                                                                                  Yours in Him,

                                                                                          Rev. B. Charles Prabakaran