The Bible Study in its traditional form was introduced by the then Presbyter Rev.Dr.A.Bhakthan Theophilus in the year 2009.pursuant to an enthusiastic demand from the scripture-minded congregation.

In the year 2010 a newer methodology interestingly different from the traditional chalk and talk method propounded by CBSI was introduced by Rev.I.Samuel Prabhakar. It follows a successful international model wherein the emphasis is on in-depth Bible Study orchestrated with group discussion, home- study, and conversational prayer. The then Presbyter encouraged the groups by his active involvement assisted by the Probationer Mr. S. Satya. Periodical review and fine tuning were done by resource persons like Rev. Dr.J.N.Manokaran and Rev. Devendra Rai.

Rev. B. Charles Prabakaran the Presbyter conducts the Bible Study regularly and with dynamic involvement. Lively and enlightening discourses take place. besides cementing the participants into a Christian Fellowship.

So far the books of Nehemiah, James, Philippians, Colossians, Daniel, I Thessalonians, II Thessalonians and I John, Deuteronomy, Gospel of John have been covered it is proposed to continue with all the Books of the Bible. Currently we are doing the book of Revelation.

Many of the participants have time and again expressed immense satisfaction of having received deep insights into The Book that has not been rivalled by any, even remotely.

The classes are just walk-in classes in both Tamil and English, every Wednesday from 7pm and everyone is welcome irrespective of their background knowledge.

Dr. Mrs. Jannet is rendering co- ordination and translation services besides leading a study-group.

Photo of Bible Study Group: