Prayer Groups

Prayer Groups of our Church are indeed the God-given Brainchild of the Presbyter Rev.B.Charles Prabakaran, taken up soon after he assumed charge.The Goals of this incredible concept are:-

1. To form the Families of the Church into small groups in contiguous areas.

2. To Develop a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among such small clusters.

3. To Engage in Bible based Christ Centric Spiritual Activities like Singing, Worshiping and Prayer.

4. To Disseminate effectively the Church’s Programmes and Projects.

5. To Identify and develop Leadership Talents from among the Laity.

With the above broad goals in mind, the Groups frequently meet in different homes and undertake the following Activities:-

1. Singing Songs of Praise and Worship.

2. Delivering Short Messages.

3. Sharing Testimonies to His Glory.

4. Mustering support for the Church’s Programmes and Projects.

5. Collecting Data for the Church’s Congregational Data-base.

6. Joining other Fellowships and Singing Christmas-time Carols.

7. Knowing each other more intimately helping one another.

It is Planned to have some more related Activities like:-

1. Conducting periodical meetings for the Prayer Group Leaders to educate them on Leadership Qualities.

2. Get-togethers for the Groups for a more intense interaction and Christian Fellowship.

Name of the Prayer Groups