Women’s Fellowship of St.James Church is doing its ministry for the glory of God more than 50 women member’s consisting of both housewives and working women with fervent prayers and mission zeal are the backbone of our fellowship.

Spiritual Activities

  • On the First Saturday of everymonth our Pastor conducts Bible study.
  • On the Second Saturday of everymonth Bible quizes are conducted by our Pastor Amma.
  • On the Third Saturday we visit the sick and the elderly people(those who cannot come and attend the Sunday services)and pray for them.
  • During Fourth Saturday there is fasting prayer meeting from 10:30 A.M to 1:30 P.M
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 A.M to 2:00 P.M we fervently pray for our Nation,Diocese,Churches,sick people and for prayer requests.
  • For those who turn up at the church with varied problems and afflictions,advice,counseling and prayers are offered individually.
  • During the 40 days of the Lent,special prayers are conducted for the students,youth and elders from 6 P.M onwards.

Outreach Ministry

Village on the outskirts of Chennai are periodically selected and visited and the messageof the Gospel is taken to them. This year we visited ‘JebaMalar’ located at Pallavaram “The Home for Blind” and gave Christmas gifts to them on 10.12.2011

Participation in spiritual Events

In each and every spiritual event that takes place in the church,the Women’s Fellowship involves itself actively.Mission Festival,Faith Festival,Ayanavaram for church compaign,Palm Sunday Procession are a few of such events apart from the representation and participation in the Diocesan Women’s Rally.

The Women’s Fellowship supports all the 5 ministries of the Diocessan Women’s Board.The members visit the prospective Bride and Bridegroom’s place on the eve of the Wedding Day and conduct Praise Worship and Prayers. We visit the homes of the families meeting the bereavement of their near and dear, console them with songs, Bible reading and prayers.

Christmas Season Activities

The Women’s Fellowship is very keen to visit the destitute,the sick,the differently abled,the orphans during the Christmas season to enliven them besides meeting their Christmas time needs.

Educational Support Activities

A free scheme to impart tution to poor needy students during weekdays is being planned.Every single member of the Women’s Fellowship enjoys contributing their time and efforts to these and such ministries to God’s glory.We wholeheartedly welcome new members to join and reap immense satisfaction and divine blessings.

The History of Women’s Fellowship

The Women’s Fellowship was established by our Pastor H.S.Dhanaraj and Pastor Amma Mrs.Mercy Pastor Dhanaraj.