Greetings in the name of Our Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

In our church we are conducting free Medical service to the general public on every Wednesday at 4P.M to 5 P.M.It has been working since 2000 and it was started by the Rev.Victor Manoah and Dr.S.Edwin Rajesh has been successfully doing this service.

  • He gives Physiotheraphy consultation.Special treatment are given such as Handicapped,mentally retarded.Cerebralpalsy,speech delayed,Muscular dystrophy,Hyperactive,Autism,Learning Disability for children ,all kinds of pain and all types of paralyses etc.

Addition to this special treatment some of theraphy also given,They are Physiotheraphy,Occupational theraphy,Speech theraphy,special education and Phychological counseling.

God has done so many miracles in this physiotheraphy consultation.Many people are getting healing through this service.